Payment Sales Agreement

a) BUYER Code: It will be determined by the SELLER. (The same BUYER code cannot be given to two different BUYERS)
b) Administrator User Name: The e-mail address used by the BUYER during the membership is considered as the user name and the BUYER cannot change this user name unless it is notified in writing. Operates with this user name in all uses and transactions. It can perform transactions on and all subdomains belonging to this domain, eg ( with this username.
c) If you become a member of, you agree that you will provide accurate, precise, up-to-date information about yourself and your company while filling out the member registration form and keep it updated. If it detects that your information in is incomplete / incorrect, the SELLER has the authority to delete your registration. If you are a member representing a firm / institution, this text binds the firm / institution you represent.
d) Password: The temporary password is determined by the SELLER at the first use or the BUYER determines its own password during registration, if the password is determined by the SELLER, the BUYER must change this password at the first use. Changing and protecting the password is the responsibility of the BUYER and the SELLER will not be responsible for any problems that may arise from the use of the password.
e) Usage: The BUYER must enter the user name and password in order to connect to the services that require membership. The SELLER may refuse to provide this service to any BUYER at any time at its sole discretion.
f) The SELLER may make changes in prices and service types without any notification, if deemed necessary.

a1) The SELLER ensures that the works continuously and safely by establishing the necessary technical infrastructure.
a2) The SELLER makes maximum effort to deliver the projects and orders to the BUYER quickly, according to the orders given, the available stock and logistics facilities, or the delivery time of the services received from abroad.
a3) In order delivery, the SELLER will deliver products and projects in a fair order. However, the SELLER cannot be held responsible for any changes that may occur within or outside of the SELLER's knowledge.
a4) Any information regarding the credit cards to be determined in this contract is in the security of the SELLER and the SELLER cannot share this information with third parties for whatever purpose.
a5) The SELLER is obliged to provide the services purchased by the BUYER to the BUYER.
a6) The SELLER shall fulfill the changes and additional arrangements requested by the BUYER for the software, design, license or products that are not possible to return, for an additional fee.
a1) The registration form and all kinds of information to be filled by the BUYER are correct and that they will be liable for all kinds of damages and losses that may arise due to incorrect or incomplete information, and in such cases, the BUYER membership will be unilaterally terminated by the SELLER;
b2) that the password given to him by will be changed immediately as of the first use, that he is responsible for the security of the password and code related to the access, that all transactions made using this password and code are carried out by the BUYER, and the persons who will use this code and password are authorized by the BUYER;
b3) The SELLER can perform transactions within the credit limits determined by the SELLER and in accordance with the sales conditions, if the credit limit is insufficient or not, he has to do it with a credit card or in cash at the delivery of the product, that he will not be able to place an order without approval of the credit card validity, because of these transactions. will indemnify all damages;
b4) He / she will be unconditionally responsible for all transactions he / she will perform under the name of "Administrator User" or "user" defined by him / her;
b5) The SELLER will not be responsible for any damages that may arise as a result of the BUYER's member information being learned by third parties;
b6) During the use of the service, the SELLER will not be responsible for the messages, information and documents that will be lost and / or received incompletely and sent to the wrong address;
b7) The BUYER is directly responsible for the errors and data deletion that he / she may make in the use of the e-commerce or website for which he / she purchased the right to use;
b8) The BUYER knows that the e-commerce and web site software purchased from the SELLER can be used as long as the SELLER continues to receive services from its servers, and that they can continue to use these software by paying only a fee at the first purchase and purchasing hosting without paying a renewal fee as a site license fee in the following years.
b9) The BUYER cannot continue the e-commerce and website services purchased from the SELLER without hosting. It knows and acknowledges that its sites will be closed automatically when the hosting expires, and that their backups are not kept and deleted from the records.
b10) The BUYER acknowledges and agrees that the ftb information and software codes of the software he has purchased from the SELLER for e-commerce and websites will not be given to him.
b11) He agrees not to enter the services offered in in an unauthorized manner other than the conditions determined by the SELLER and not to change the software in any way, and to compensate the SELLER for damages in case of non-compliance with these rules;
b12) The BUYER knows and accepts that the software purchased does not have the right to upgrade the version, but can upgrade it for the fee to be determined by the SELLER.
b13) The BUYER knows and accepts that the SELLER has to pay additional fees when he requests the features that are not included in the level package he has purchased according to the features of the e-commerce or website versions published on the website.
b14) If the BUYER has found defective or incomplete areas on the websites he purchased, it will be deemed to have received the product in a sound and flawless manner, although he did not notify it in writing within 7 working days as per distance contracts.
b15) The BUYER knows and accepts that the e-commerce or corporate website software purchased is supported according to the levels and if it requests additional services, it will comply with the price or level transitions determined by the SELLER.
b16) Not to disturb and threaten other users, not to record, publish or distribute illegal materials and information that are against public morality, defaming the names of individuals or institutions, and information belonging to others;
b17) Not to advertise in these services, not to sell any goods or services, not to make offers for this purpose without the permission of the SELLER;
b18) Constitution of Turkey, will constitute a crime according to international treaties and laws to send messages and files to accept, and warrants.

Under this contract, the SELLER has the following powers unconditionally and unconditionally.
a) The SELLER may stop the operation of the site temporarily or completely. Under no circumstances will the SELLER be liable for any damages incurred by the BUYER members or third parties due to the temporary or complete suspension of the system.
b) The SELLER is authorized to determine and change the prices, product features, delivery method and delivery condition of the products or services offered for sale through After the order is entered, the SELLER can make the above-mentioned changes or use the order cancellation option. Sales made through the system are completely limited by the stock, capacity and density structure of the SELLER. After the SELLER receives the order, he cancels this order and returns the amount paid by the BUYER to his current account.
c) The SELLER has the right to unilaterally cancel any credit card usage regarding the use of credit cards specified in this contract and additional contracts to this contract.
d) The SELLER can deliver the orders received through the system to the BUYER by cargo or other means of transport.
e) The SELLER has sufficient credit limits, and has the authority to revoke the right to shop to the BUYER if he wishes, despite the approval of the credit scard limit.
f) The SELLER does not give the codes of its own special software, standard software (e-commerce packages one by one or all, web site extensions one by one or all, control panels, ftps of community programs) to the BUYER. The e-commerce and web site services it sells are provided to the BUYER only as a right of use upon purchase.
g) The BUYER does not allow the sites, software, programs, codes to be kept in any hosting company except the SELLER's servers. This also keeps the BUYER's access to ftb information closed.
h) He declares that the software is completely owned by him and that such software cannot be requested by the BUYER for any reason or that it is a crime to obtain it illegally.
ı) The SELLER can enable the BUYER to switch from to other websites. In this case, the SELLER is not responsible for the content and security of the website that is switched to. j) This contract is read and deemed to be accepted by the BUYER while registering for membership. The SELLER requests a copy with wet signature from the BUYER, which he deems necessary, together with the Authorized signature circular, and thus, the BUYER is provided with the facilities. The SELLER can unilaterally and continuously prevent the BUYERS, who have signed this contract or have already signed it and started to use the password, from having a new password or using their password without any warning.
k) The SELLER is fully authorized to use the personal information that the BUYERS have entered into the system to the users of content providers and web services for the necessary communication, promotion, delivery of goods, advertising, etc.
l) The SELLER does not guarantee the safe, error-free and timely use of services, service quality, accurate and reliable results and expectations in this regard.
m) The SELLER may allocate a quota deemed appropriate by the SELLER to keep the files of the members. It already has the right to increase and decrease these quotas according to current needs. The SELLER is not responsible for the storage, deletion and backup of the files to be found in the environment.
n) If the SELLER deems it necessary, it can transform the services that do not require membership, the services that require membership, and the services that require membership to become services that do not require membership. It can open additional new services, make existing services paid or completely unavailable.

a) In case of disputes that may arise from this contract, the book records and microfilm, microfiche and computer records will constitute valid, binding, final and exclusive evidence within the meaning of Article 287 of HUMK and that this article is in the nature of an evidence contract, all kinds of objections to the stated records and their duly it accepts, declares and undertakes that it waives its right to offer the oath in advance.
b) In account disputes arising from the implementation of this contract, the SELLER's commercial book records as well as all kinds of digital records are taken as basis.

It undertakes not to give any information, passwords and codes about the system to third parties during the contract period and within two years after the contract expires for any reason. The SELLER accepts in advance that if it is determined that the BUYER has given this information to third parties and organizations, it will immediately cancel the membership agreement, and the BUYER will therefore unconditionally compensate the SELLER for all damages.

a) The SELLER endeavors to deliver all the products offered to the BUYER at the address as soon as possible. The SELLER declares in advance that it will not undertake any responsibility in case of delays or transaction cancellations that may occur due to overseas or other factors, and the BUYER cannot hold the SELLER responsible for the delays for the products not received. The SELLER delivers the BUYER's orders online from the address and notifies the BUYER by e-mail. The SELLER cannot be held responsible for the e-mails that do not reach the BUYER and the BUYER agrees that it will follow the orders from the address. In the renewal periods of the services provided by the SELLER, the automatic renewal principles specified by the BUYER may be canceled if deemed appropriate by the SELLER in case of insufficiency of credit or the failure of registered credit cards. Delivery of web projects is broadcast at demo addresses as the BUYER can see. When the payment and other conditions deemed appropriate by the SELLER are fulfilled, the projects will be published on the requested web sites.
b) The SELLER reserves the right to suspend all of the services provided to the BUYER, e-mail, web, ftp accounts, due to problems in payment, provision problems in BUYERS with credit card payment orders or provisions and obligations. During the continuation of this situation, e-mail, web, ftp access cannot be made on behalf of the BUYER and the e-mail accounts of the BUYER are stopped and incoming e-mails are rejected.
c) REFUND; Members cannot request the return of personalized services such as web address and domain name, hosting, server leasing, web design, e-commerce software and all other software products, in accordance with Article 8 of the Distance Contracts Implementation Procedure and Regulation.

a) The BUYER is unconditionally responsible for the credit cards and other payment information used at the address. ,
b) The SELLER may cancel all payments and credit card withdrawals deemed suspicious and reserves the right to cease all services of the BUYER.
c) All services for which payment transactions are not made are suspended by the SELLER and the BUYER knows that a different price policy will be applied for delayed payments.
d) BUYER allows the registration of the credit card information in the address and the use of this information for the renewal of the BUYER's services.
e) The BUYER's registered credit card information is not collected in a pool and the SELLER declares that it will not be shared with third parties under any circumstances.
f) The BUYER undertakes the accuracy of the information in mail order and credit card payments created in electronic environment. It knows and accepts the damages that may arise in case of incorrect information and that the services will be stopped without notice.
g) The SELLER may change the payment bodies offered to the BUYER at any time or close them for the use of the BUYER.

SELLER 'where all the transactions made through will be taxed according to the current tax laws in Turkey. Sales based on export and within the scope of the Investment Incentive Certificate will not be made through this system. All future changes in the Tax Laws will automatically become effective under this contract. Pursuant to the Tax Laws, the responsibilities of the BUYER regarding the registration order will belong to them.

The notifications to be made to the addresses of the parties written in this contract are valid. In case of any change in these addresses, the party making the address change is obliged to inform the other party of its new address in writing. If this is not done, the notifications to be made to the old address are legally valid.

Natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, etc.), fire, epidemics, strikes, lockouts, civil and military administrative restrictions, revolutions, riots, internal turmoil, and embargo are considered as mufti causes. In case of a force majeure, the exposed party will inform the other party without delay and the parties will decide together on how to act.

In all disputes that may arise in relation to this contract, the provisions of the contract will primarily be applied, and the Turkish laws (TCC, BK, MK, HUMK and others) will be applied to the provisions not included in this contract.

Istanbul Courts and Enforcement Offices will be authorized in all disputes arising out of this contract.

The BUYER declares that he accepts this contract while signing up to the address and this contract comes into effect from this moment. When the SELLER deems necessary, it requests the BUYER to sign this contract and deliver it to the SELLER officials.

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