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AQUATURK water purifier is a domestic brand in Turkey since 2001. Turkey's best-selling product brand Aquaturk has brought production capacity to 5 times the last 2 years. It has become indispensable in domestic water treatment devices. It is a developing brand for 18 years with its own domestic production with under counter, dispenser and countertop devices. AQUATURK can be found in every region of Turkey. AQUATURK water purifiers turn the mains water in your home into the healthiest water to drink by treating well water. In our production, each of our products is tested and offered for sale after being controlled. It has become the indispensable brand of your innovative home, responsibly listening and updating the requests sent by our customers.





AQUATURK, the prevalence of use of services with a wide field service and spare parts in Turkey, aims to produce our valued customers the best water treatment devices. It offers one-to-one solution in quality and after-sales service with a different perspective. Making life easier and enriching with water treatment and technology solutions ...

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