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Order and Payment

a) The customer is unconditionally responsible for the credit cards and other payment information used at www.aquaturk.com.tr


b) www.aquaturk.com.tr aquaturk.com can cancel all suspicious payments and credit card withdrawals and reserves the right to cease all services of the customer.


c) All services for which payment transactions are not made are paused by www.aquaturk.com.tr and the customer knows that a different price policy will be applied in delayed payments.


d) The customer allows in advance the registration of the credit card information on the www.aquaturk.com.tr address and the use of this information in the renewal of the customer's services


e) The customer's registered credit card information is not collected in a pool and www.aquaturk.com.tr declares that it will not be shared with third parties under any circumstances.


f) The customer undertakes the accuracy of the information in mail order and credit card payments created in electronic environment. It knows and accepts the damages that may arise in case of incorrect information and that the services will be stopped without notice.


g) www.aquaturk.com.tr can change the payment methods offered to the customer at any time or turn them off for the use of the customer.

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