A dam? Water Purifier?

A dam? Water Purifier?


The daman?

It has carcinogenic effects due to the substances used in containers made of plastic. Carboy is one of these plastic containers. It has negative effects on human health as a result of being in the water for days and especially being under the sun. Harmful components in the carboy are mixed with the water that is kept in the plastic carboy for days. When water containing harmful substances is consumed, it causes great diseases such as cancer. The foods we consume directly affect our body and invite serious diseases. While demijohns are intended to consume clean water, the polluted form of clean water is actually consumed.

Harms of Plastic Bottle:

  • ♦ Substances called BPA release harmful substances into the water when exposed to sunlight.

  • ♦ The substance called BHPF increases the risk of miscarriage.

  • ♦ There is a possibility of bacteria production in the water that has been waiting in the bottle for a long time.

  • ♦ Due to the fact that plastic bottles are hardly destroyed in nature, they have great damage to nature.



Everyone has the right to use clean and healthy water, so choose AQUATURK.

Water purifier

Water purifiers have many advantages in this regard. The Water Purifier purifies the components of the mains water, which are not very suitable for human health, thanks to the filters it contains, making even the dirty water clean. This is the important point. It provides you with the most suitable water by keeping the minerals in the purified form of the waters at the appropriate hardness and ph level, which are not very suitable for human health. Thanks to its progressive filters, it separates harmful bacteria from the water. With its water purifier feature, unhealthy water becomes healthy.


You can consume delicious and healthy water with water purification devices with all water purification features. Purified water ensures that water with high mineral value and correct pH value is consumed. In addition to these, water purification devices have many advantages over carboys in terms of budget. The water treatment devices, which you can have lower costs than the fees to be given to the carboys, will also make you happy in terms of budget. If you regularly maintain water treatment devices, you can get the highest level of efficiency for a very long time. The water purifiers, which will always offer you the highest quality water, will enable you to access the purified water easily. 


 #  Suggested  : Have you seen the Water Purifier Filter features? 




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