Household water purifiers

Household water purifiers

Domestic Water Treatment Devices

As a result of individuals noticing the changes in the quality of mains water such as odor, color and taste, different solutions have been sought in the society. People who are in search of Healthy and Mineral Water have sought a Water Purifier that is assertive in terms of both price and quality. Despite the viruses and diseases that we have encountered recently, people who reduce their water consumption with carboys take very important precautions against viruses and diseases that come with carboys, by quickly providing a suitable Water Treatment Device for them. However, the use of water purifiers will increase you in terms of budget.

Since the prices given and to be given to the carboys are a process that must be done continuously, they will reach large amounts as a fee. However, with a quality water purification device, you will be able to drink purified fresh water with a very small amount of these fees, and you will reach water at the most suitable hardness and ph level for human health.

So, do Domestic Water Treatment Devices meet the users' search for Healthy and Mineral Water? We can answer this question as follows. We can say that the Domestic Water Treatment Devices you have supplied are "reliable" if they are preferred and recommended by users across Turkey, if advanced technology filters and materials are used in the devices, if users who have used Domestic Water Treatment Devices before, and if the company supplying these devices has international certificates.

AQUATURK is among the reliable brands with its advanced technology filters and water purification devices. AQUATURK, which prioritizes the health of its users with its Domestic Water Treatment Devices, is one of the reliable companies in this field.

Domestic Water Purifier Benefits:

  • ♦ It removes bad odor in water.

  • ♦ It destroys harmful substances in the water.

  • ♦ It allows us to drink water at a pH level suitable for our health.

  • ♦ It will prevent limescale formation in dishwashers and washing machines.

  • ♦ It will prevent limescale formation in dishwashers and washing machines.


Amount of Water We Should Drink by Age​

1-2 AGES 1.3 lt/g 1.3 lt/g
2-3 AGES 1.3 lt/g 1.3 lt/g
4-8 AGES 1.7 lt/g 1.7 lt/g
9-13 AGES 2.4 lt/g 2.1 lt/g
14-18 AGES 3.3 lt/g 2.3 lt/g
>18 3.7 lt/g 2.7 lt/g


Water Treatment Systems are of great importance for both your own health and the health of your loved ones.



Domestic Water Purifiers For Office

           Domestic Water Treatment Devices are very advantageous for your crowded offices and are of very high quality compared to other devices on the market with international certificates for healthy water consumption. Constantly supplying ready-made water from outside means extra expense for your budget. In order to avoid costs and save your budget, you can make tap water suitable for domestic use with AQUATURK Water Treatment Systems. With AQUATURK Water Treatment Systems, water will always be at hand and will make a great contribution to your pocket. With Domestic Water Treatment Devices, you will be able to reach healthy water at any time.

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