Is the Water Purifier Electric?

Is the Water Purifier Electric?



Is the Water Purifier Electric?


 The answer to this question depends on what type of purifier you are using. It is true that industrial water treatment systems use electricity and operate on electricity as they have an electrical panel.  


Temiz ve sağlıklı su kullanmak herkesin hakkıdır bu yüzden tercihiniz AQUATURK olsun.



However, this is not the case with household water purification devices. If water purification devices have a closed casing, there is an outer cabin. Apart from filters, connection hoses, teflon, elbow, filters, water tank and faucet. Apart from these, extra materials can be added according to need. Apart from all these, domestic water treatment systems do not need electricity to work if they are without a pump. It provides 24/7 purification thanks to its filters and provides clean water.

 However, if the water purification device you purchased has a pump, it needs electricity. The reason it needs electricity is to run the pump.

If you have a question such as why a pump is needed in a water purification device, the answer is immediately: The reason for using pumps in water treatment devices is due to the low flow rate of the water coming from the network.

 If the water flow rate is below the flow rate required by the water purification device, it increases the flow rate of the water by using the pump. Thus, the water flow rate required by the water purification device is provided.

Apart from all these, electricity is not used in household water purification devices. In this blog, we briefly explained whether there is a need for industrial and household electricity in water purification devices. For water purification devices and more information, you can visit 


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